Toyota Repair Shop

Toyota Repair

We specialize in Toyota repair and maintenance.  We love Toyota vehicles.  Proper service, maintenance and repairs can keep your Toyota working perfectly for many years.

  • We have the optimal oil and filters for Toyota engines.
    Toyota Repair Shop Fort Mill

    Toyota Repair Shop Fort Mill

  • If it is time for a Timing Belt, we have the best belts and kits for the best price.  We also have changed so many timing belts that we can do it quickly and perfectly every time.  The timing belt kits include OEM water pumps, idler pulleys, tensioners and front crank seals.
  •   4.0L Toyota engine head gasket replacement projects turn out perfectly every time at Indian Land Imports.
  • We know how to fix your Toyota A/C so that it will stay fixed.
  • If your Toyota has some oil drips, bring it in.  We know where oil leaks from and why.  We also follow the best procedures to fix oil leaks.


  • We stock Interstate Batteries.
    Toyota Repair Shop

    Toyota Repair Shop

  • We are great at electrical diagnosis
  • CV Axles wear out eventually and we use the best axles that last.
  • If it is time for an engine replacement, bring the car here.  We will do it and the replacement engine will be installed perfectly the first time.

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